Extended Car Warranty FAQs

In advertising and marketing you have is called a ‘first moment of truth’. This is the point when you come to make a decision that will affect consumption. Unsurprisingly this applies to pretty much your purchase of anything, including extended auto warranties. A big part of your first moment of truth when inking a warranty contract is asking yourself some key questions. These questions help flesh out in great detail the need, importance and benefits of having a warranty in place. We’ll look at these key questions below.

First Question: Do You Need It?

Need should always be your first port of call when contemplating an extended auto warranty. This will be largely subjective and will have to take into account factors like the length of time you plan to keep the car, the make and model of the car itself, service history if it’s a used car you plan to buy and perhaps what you plan to use the vehicle for. Answering these questions will help you form a quick judgment on your need for an extended auto warranty. Never let a salesman pressure you into buying and always make this needs assessment.

Second Question: Have You Considered All Offerings?
If you find yourself wrapping up a deal on lovely car that you feel you can’t live without, you may find yourself staring down an extended warranty deal. If this is the case, it is important to remember that such a warranty doesn’t have to be purchased right away, and you must always be asking whether or not the price being quoted is the best you can get. There are now hundreds of warranty companies online that can give you a quote in seconds; don’t feel pressured into taking a deal offered by a slick salesman on the car you just bought from his showroom—you may regret it later.

Third Question: Do You Know and Understand Fully the Coverage You are Buying?
Many people buy the proverbial cat in a bag when shopping for extended auto warranties, and the biggest reason this happens is a lack of due diligence checking. An extended auto warranty has to be looked at thoroughly and consideration given to the different elements of protection that it offers. Are the powertrain; brakes; engine; transmission and/or tires covered? Running through these questions in your head and on paper will help you make a sound decision on the best type of warranty to buy.

Fourth Question: Is the Warranty Provider Reliable?

You may be surprised to know that many warranty providers are poor when it comes to honoring claims. Not only that, many are just not ethical in how they assess claims made by legitimate car owners. This means of course that you have to make sure the provider you buy from has a solid reputation. You can check this by having a look at their business details in the Better Business Bureau database. This will give you a snapshot view of their reputation and of their dealing with past customers.

Assessing any extended auto warranty contract by the questions above is very important; failure to do will lead to headaches, not to mention a sore wallet. If you are in doubt, consult an online resource such a comparison and recommendations website. These will not only give you important tips, they’ll put you through to some of the best auto warranty companies online.

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