Used Car Warranties – Do They Cost a Fortune?

Ascertaining the cost of used car warranties is sometimes like asking the proverbial question about the length of a piece of string. The answer is always going to be dependent on something else. In the case of used car warranties, it depends on several factors, the key ones of which we’ll explore below.

The first thing that will affect how much you pay for a used car warranty is the car itself. Makes and models are key factors in setting the prices and you can expect to pay anything from $75, all the way up to $4,000. The dearer the cost for spare parts and technically expertise in dealing with the car, the more you’ll pay for a warranty.

The second major factor that can and will affect your cost is the extent of coverage you are seeking. If the used car you are looking to acquire is in pretty good condition, then you may not need to go for coverage of things like the powertrain. With used car warranties, the more you seek coverage for, the more you’ll pay.

Perhaps the biggest factor that will contribute to cost is where you buy an extended auto warranty for your used car. There are two major options: the dealership where you are perhaps acquiring the car, and a registered auto warranty company. Buy your extended auto warranty from a dealership and you can expect to pay an arm and leg. Dealerships are always on the lookout for ways to boost profits and the extended warranty has long been their preserve. If on the other hand you choose to use a warranty company, you will find the cost significantly more affordable. Warranty companies are plentiful, especially on the internet.

All you need to do is find some suitable company, either through your own searches or via a third party website that does the research for you. Either way, you can get coverage for your car in no time. Don’t ever be pressured into signing an extended warranty contract inside a dealership – there’s absolutely no need for you to buy right way.

Take the time away from the pressure of the sale, engage a few warranty companies online and you’ll be set.

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