Will Your Auto Warranty Still be Valid in Another Country?

Many people have that one car that they own that takes on a special meaning, and they want to be able to protect that meaning, even if they move to another country. This poses several problems for people who find themselves in this predicament, especially when they are looking to keep the warranty protection that is issued on the vehicle. Below we’ll explore the possibilities, if any, of keeping a warranty. We’ll also explore your options should you migrate and not be able to do a warranty transfer.

Ins and Outs of Country-Specific Auto Warranties
If you bought your car in the United States for example, and the car is still within the period of coverage offered by the manufacturer, that warranty will not be applicable outside of the US. This happens for several reasons, but chief among them are the fact that cars made for the US market are covered against certain conditions specific to the US. A car bought for use in Alaska for example, would be provisioned for under certain conditions specific to the geography and climate of Alaska. If you then moved to Jamaica for instance, the conditions would be completely different.
Another reason country-specific warranties aren’t transferable is because the coverage more often than not covers ‘where’ the vehicle is repaired and where the parts are sourced. If you moved outside of the scope of what are called ‘approved repair mechanics’, you may not be able to get coverage.

The Solution to Shipping Abroad

Having said the above about coverage under US warranties, it is important to note that all is not lost. Manufacturers and warranty companies try to cater to all types of scenarios and one such is the migration of people and their cars. In this regard there are several options:

  1. An extended auto warranty: this is a warranty that makes specific coverage considerations and can include for example the repairs and parts replacement in a specific country or set of countries. Extended auto warranties are also useful for covering things your local manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover—like wear and tear on tires.
  2. International auto warranty: this type of warranty is very specific and caters to people looking to ship their vehicle abroad. The good thing about buying one is that you don’t have to go to some international warranty company, as many in the US offer these types of warranties.

Where to Find Auto Warranty Companies
Your best bet is the internet. Not only will have a wealth of choices, you’ll be able to fix and match based on your needs. Online auto warranty companies tend to be cheaper too; this is due mainly to the fierce competition among them, and you’ll find that you benefit from a variety of incentives like discounts and free warranty provisions. That said, you should always do your due diligence checks. Make sure a warranty company is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally you can consult the opinions of other people who have used the service or seek help from applicable websites that offer recommendations on the best choice warranty companies.

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